Ragdolls Vaccine protocol:


Our kitten will have received two FVRCP vaccines and two de-worming’s by 12-weeks of age. Some veterinarians recommend that kittens receive three FVRCP vaccines, which is fine if you wish to do so.

Your kitten will need to get the rabies vaccine at 4-6 months of age with no other vaccine (if required or you wish to do so). Your cat will be due for their annual FVRCP vaccine one year from the date of the last vaccine as a kitten.

Please do not vaccinate your Ragdoll for FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) or FeLV (Feline Leukemia) Ragdoll cats are sensitive to these vaccines and they are not know to really work.

IMPORTANT: Rabies is never to be given the same week as other vaccinations,  to do so voids Alaska ragdolls genetic health warranty. It must be given separate from other vaccinations.

I have heard that Merial Purevax Rabies vaccine is much easier on the cats.