Miss Dolly from Galveston , Texas

This is Miss Dolly!
I absolutely fell in love with that beautiful face the first time I saw this very photo. Finding a beautiful traditional ragdoll kitten who meets the standard for a ragdoll and comes with breeding rights is a very long process. It took two years to find Miss Dolly.
I found Miss Dolly on a show cattery website. She wasn’t even listed for sale.I saw her picture and that was it. I called the lady who owned Dolly and asked if Dolly was for sale. My heart sank when she said no. A lady was buying Dolly and was going to be picking her up the following week.
But I could not get her out of my mind. I called the lady again and asked her if the other lady had picked Dolly up, she said No she hadn’t but had promised to pick her up that weekend. I gave her my number and told her to call me if the other lady didn’t show. A week passed…nothing then the show lady finally called. The lady still hadn’t shown up. She said we could buy Dolly.
Sometimes things are just meant to be. never give up never surrender. LOL

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