Teddy “Bear”

This little fluff ball was from the foothills near Denver, Colorado. He had the most magnificent look. He was raised on a ranch. He had free run of the ranch house along with his family. It took us a couple weeks to be able to pick him up while his Owners got his paper back from TICA. We actually picked him up 3 days after we picked up Dolly. What I likes about his owners is that they loved animals. His owner picked him up and kissed him. Owners that love there cats make all the difference in the personality of the future kittens. Teddy had been loved. Teddy has the most beautiful personality. I love that little bugger. I read somewhere that male cats are more affectionate than female cats. Dolly is affectionate but she rather sit by your feet than on your neck. LOL Teddy comes from large boned ragdolls and that is one of the reasons we choose him. Can’t wait for them to have kittens. They are going to be awesome! look at Teddys photo. He was so blonde but now he is getting his true colors.

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