Kittens Available

One female kitten available!

Kitten policies

My primary purpose for breeding Ragdolls is raise beautiful, lovey, large framed traditional ragdolls cats for families to love.

Kittens are $1600.00 plus a refundable  spay/neuter deposit 0f $250, Our kittens are sold under a no declaw contract. No exceptions.  Ragdolls are know for their personality and declawing them can change that sweet personality. Please watch this video by a vet!

We only sell our kittens to pet homes. As such, they MUST  be spayed or neutered at or before 6 months. The cost of spaying or neutering your kitten is your responsibility but $250 will be refunded after spay or neuter plus you will get their litter certification to register them.

We do ship kittens within the US. Call for pricing which would include a health certificate and rabies shot. I can also hand deliver kittens just ask about my availability and price.

Kittens  must stay with their mother until 12  weeks old.  Ragdolls mature later than other kittens. Basically the mama kitty has a lot to teach them before you get them
I will have a pre waiting list which requires no deposit until after birth of kittens than a  non-refundable $250. deposit will be needed to reserve your kitten. Pick of  kitten spots are allocated in order of receipt of deposit and approved questionnaire. Absolutely, no deposits are taken before birth of kittens.

Kittens  sold maybe show quality but they are all the same price  $1600. each plus a $250 spay deposit refunded after spay /neuter. Kitten must be spayed/neutered no exceptions! Litter registration for registering kitten will not be given until proof of spay or neuter.

Our kittens will be held and loved everyday and to make sure the transfer is smooth for the kitten we will provide the following:

Small bag of Iams Kitten food and a can of wet kitten food to make sure they do not have a food change which could be horrible on their system. They will get diarrhea if you change their food to quickly.

Ziploc bag of litter pellets for litter box so they will recognize their litter box as their litter box.

New cardboard scratcher pad to save your furniture.

Collapsible cat carrier bag with their blanket because this will have the scent of their mom and other kittens on it and it will feel like a safe place for them in their new surroundings.

Remember after the kitten is spayed/neutered at or before 6 months old you will receive $250 refund.