Sample kitten contract

Alaska Ragdolls

Breed: Ragdoll      Color:__________________ Sex:__________

This Kitten is sold as a pet or altered show not to be bred.

Price: $1850 which including in the price a $250 deposit for refund after proof of spay/neuter of said ragdoll kitten.  Breeder guarantees that the cat listed above is a purebred Ragdoll, with an accurate pedigree, and is eligible for registration in in The International Cat Association (TICA). A copy of a 5 generation pedigree of parents will be included.

Date of Birth:_____________

Dam:_________________________ Sire:__________________________

Buyer(s):______________________ Address:_________________________

Telephone:______________________ Cell:________________________




~ Buyer(s) agree to maintain the proper veterinary care for the cat/kitten, including all yearly check-ups and vaccinations, as well as, provide proper grooming to keep the cat/kitten happy, matt free, and clean.


Under no circumstances is this Kitten/Cat allowed to roam outdoors


~Buyer(s) must also provide cat/kitten with proper food and clean water at all times.


~ Breeder reserves the first right of refusal if cat is to be re-homed. If for any reason the breeder can not take back the cat/kitten we will be most helpful in finding the cat/kitten a new forever home! But if cat is to be rehomed before 6 months of age it must be first spayed/neutered before going to new home at buyers expense.


~This cat/kitten must NEVER be given or sold to any research or testing facility, humane society, shelter, or pet shop.


~This cat/kitten is NOT to be de-clawed. This is an amputation of the tips of the fingers and toes and is an inhumane procedure. My cats and kittens love their little paws just the way they are!


~ Any cats or kittens sold MUST be spayed or neutered within three months from the date of pick up or by 6 months of age. The buyer(s) must prove with a copy of the invoice stating that the cat/kitten spay or neuter has been completed. The invoice must also state the licensed veterinarians name who preformed the spay/neuter, the breed, and the color of the cat/kitten. The buyer(s) agrees that this cat/kitten will NEVER be bred under any circumstances. If buyer(s) do not meet the requirements of the Spay and Neuter Policy, an additional payment of $5000 will be due immediately if valid confirmation of Spay/Neuter from a licensed veterinarian has not been received by the seller within the three month time period or by 6 months of age. No Exceptions!


Litter TICA Registration Paper for kitten upon proof of spay neuter.
Buyer is responsible for TICA registry and payment. The seller will refund $250 to buyer with TICA litter registration  papers and 5 generation pedigree to the buyer within 30 days of receiving the receipts or invoices(listed above)that show proof of the spay or neuter.


~Seller guarantees that this cat/kitten is in good health at time of sale. Kitten will have been seen by a veterinarian twice to check health and vaccinate and deworm as appropriate for its age.


Genetic guarantee:

Kitten has a 2 year guarantee from date of birth against lethal congenital defects as long as the cat/kitten has not received FELV, FIV and FIP vaccinations.  If kitten has received theses vaccinations the health and genetic portion of this contract is void.

If Kitten/Cat should die or to be destroyed due to congenital defects within these time limits, breeder will replace the Kitten/Cat as soon as one becomes available  as long as breeder is still breeding cats and upon being provided an autopsy report, at the Buyer expense. Seller is not obligated to replaced with the exact color or pattern. There will be no cash refunds. The autopsy report must be from a licensed veterinary pathologist stating unquestionably a congenital defect. Common cold/URI is no way covered under this health guarantee.



MEDICAL: This kitten has been vaccinated against Panleukopenia ( feline distemper). Rhinotracheitis. Calici Virus. Vaccines were given on :_______________ and _______________. Brand used: ____________________________________________.

Administration of the FeLV , FIV or FIP vaccination will immediately render the health warranty portion of this contract void.  As your Ragdoll is a inside cat only, we feel these vaccinations are too dangerous and not needed. Ragdoll are very sensitive to vaccinations. 


Please wait to give Rabies vaccine till 4 months of age or later if possible. Do not give with any other vaccination.


 ~Any disputes or claims shall be under the state of Alaska laws. Also any disputes or claims will be held ONLY at a Alaska court of the breeders choice. Buyers will be responsible for all cost and legal fees for him or herself as well as the breeder (this includes for breach of contract).


The price of your kitten includes: a sample of the food that the kitten has been eating, age appropriate shots, de-worming, Ziploc bag of new litter, card board scratch pad, soft carrier with its blanket and most importantly a healthy kitten.

~By the buyer(s) signing below, the buyer is stating that he or she has read, understands, and agrees with the conditions and terms within this contract.

A $250 dollar deposit is required to hold any cat/kitten and is non-refundable if the buyer(s) decides, at any time, not to purchase this cat/kitten. Deposits are not transferable to any other kitten after the kitten turns 6 weeks old unless there is another available kitten in the same litter. The deposit is refundable after purchase of kitten and proof of spay/neuter.

If Buyer fails to comply with any aspect of this agreement, Buyers forfeits any rights Buyer may otherwise have.

Breeder is not liable for errors and/or mishandling on the part of the Buyer.

Buyer’s Signature:____________________________ Date:_____________
Seller’s Signature:______________________________ Date:____________